Welcome! On this page, I'm just going to talk a little bit about me, and hopefully we can decide how amazing we're going to get along! 


"I believe everyone deserves beautiful photos--that's why I keep my prices low and my professionalism high"

My name is Bethannie! Rian is my middle name (pronounced beth-uh-knee ry-an). I'm 24 years old, and was born and raised in the very un-exciting little town of Newton, Iowa. In May of 2019, I uprooted my life alongside my Husband and two cats and landed in Central Oregon--which has completely stolen my heart. I fell in love with my high school sweetheart, Drew, my Junior year of high school (May 13th, 2012), and we have been together since. I'm not trying to bore you to death with this technical information about my life, but it's so important to understand for my photography story. I'm forever grateful for the previous classmates who have either booked me or recommended me to others, as they are my company's beating heart. My love for Drew encouraged my wedding planning on Pinterest. That pretty much just makes me the typical girl, I know, but it is exactly this that inspired me to get into the sappy, exciting, beautiful art that is Engagement and Wedding Photography. I'm a sucker for a love story, and I'm going to apologize in advance for the tears I shed during some of our sessions. I can't help it...I'm a crier! Which brings me to this next section... We've covered the basics and some random facts about me already, but I'm just going to go into some more random facts about me that I think are great conversation starters! 

1. I've collected cameras for YEARS. I don't even remember the first camera I got...but the photo to the left features a few of my beauties. 

2. I'm a Scorpio star sign, a Libra moon sign, and a Virgo rising....do you believe in horoscopes?! If yes, we have to chat!! Not a fan of horoscopes? Ya girl's a Hufflepuff. Let's talk Harry Potter.

3. I also do freelance makeup on the side. I'm a bit of an entrepreneur. I love staying busy!

4. The iced coffee thing is NOT a joke. Give me a venti cold brew with creamer and caramel syrup STAT!

5. I've got 7 tattoos, plus an entire shoulder/half sleeve floral situation going on (so like, approximately 8ish if you count an entire half sleeve as one tattoo. My 6 hour sitting shift begs to differ on that, though) Don't worry! I can cover them for your big day. OR I can totally have an awesome conversation with you about my tattoos/your tattoos/future tattoos. Get you a girl who can do both!

6. Cherry Coke is my guilty pleasure...I wish I could be one of those fit girls who gives up soda...I'm weak, weak I tell you!!!

7. I love being crafty. I don't have a lot of free time, but when I do, find me sketching, painting, building things. Give me any reason to be creative, please. I would love to!

8. I'm a total perfectionist, AND a creature of habit. With, like, everything. My diagnosed OCD is a big team player in that one. 

9. My favorite color is yellow, and my favorite flowers are sunflowers...There's a bit of a correlation with the two, I think?

10. I also LOVE graphic design. I designed my own logo, and I often design some graphics on my free time for friends and work!

Lead Shooter

So, there are some random facts about us! I hope you got to know us a little better! If you're still reading this, I think you're my kind of people. So, what are you waiting for?! Reach out to me and let's get the booking process started! I can't wait to meet you! Let's make something beautiful. 

My name is Kaytie! I'm 19 years old currently located in Ankeny, Iowa. You see me modeling throughout a few photos on this website because I'm Bethannie's little sister, second shooter/videographer, and first model. I've been shooting photos and videos alongside Bethannie, officially, for two years now, but I've been her trusty side-kick for my whole life. My love for photography really sprouted because of my constant exposure to it around Bethannie. I was constantly her model, so I quickly became interested in taking my own photos, as well. While we've been tag-teaming it our whole lives as sisters, when Bethannie needed a second shooter for a wedding one day, we really discovered how great we work together in photography. My passion for Videography really helped to broaden our offerings, as well. I'm a total daydreamer who loves to write, shop, and film videos. I'm the funny sister...you know how Bethannie said she specializes in bad jokes? Yeah, that's because I got the good sense of humor. I inherited the love for lists, so I, too, will now list some facts about myself!

1. I'm one of those magical unicorns who actually love to work out. Running is my therapy. 

2. I have a YouTube channel where I love to post my Vlogs, which is to thank for my love of Videography. 

3. My favorite books to read are young adult poetry books. I love poetry. That's my favorite type of literature to write, personally, as well.

4. I'm terrible at saving my money...definitely a major shopaholic...But I just LOVE keeping up with current fashion trends, as I'm a fashion major in college!

5. I've been collecting snowglobes my whole life. I love to get one from each location I've visited. 

6. I love to make art. Whether it be photography, or painting, or sculpting, I love to create beautiful things.

7. Catch me on my couch binge-watching all of the classic TV shows on Netflix. I'm a TV show fanatic. Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Gilmore Girls. I've seen almost every TV show available on Netflix. 

8. Like my sister, I also love to do makeup. I love to play around with my eyeshadow from day-to-day. Doing my makeup in the morning is so therapeutic. 

9. I'm one of the few photographers who also doesn't mind being on the other end of the camera. I love to model, and that's why you see so many pictures of me on here. I am always willing to be Bethannie's model for her. 

10. I'm actually, interestingly enough, a Nikon user. Contrary to my sister. So when we shoot together, you get a little bit of Nikon photos with your Canon photos. I'm not sure why we ended up with the different tastes, but we did. I think that's an advantage we have over other duos!

Second Shooter


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