• Bethannie

Noelle & Matthew

This session will be dear to my heart for so many years to come. Noelle was one of my first friends I made here in Oregon, so when she asked me to take her engagement photos, I was incredibly honored. Honored...Okay, more like PUMPED! She holds the same love for fall in her heart that I do, so when she requested beautiful autumnal colors, I set out to search for them all over the city of Bend. After a day of searching and finding out that all of the beautiful autumnal Aspen leaves pretty much disappeared into thin air, I was so nervous to text her and let her know the leaves are a swing and a miss...That being said, Shevlin Park stole my heart. Where the where the leaves lacked, the understory was still on fire, and the Aspens offered their own beauty despite being naked. I couldn't have asked for a more understanding client in that aspect. We decided on Shevlin, and we met there the next day.

It was a beautiful day. If I remember correctly, it was around 70 degrees. Perfect in the sun and not too bad in the shade. I was super sunny, and the trees peaked through the branches beautifully. When Noelle gasped at a stand of Aspens where the understory was lit with gold, I knew we had the perfect place for their engagement shoot!

I'm so incredibly thankful for the trust Noelle and Matthew instilled in me despite only meeting me a mere 6 months ago. These are some of my favorite photos I've shot to date.

I think Central Oregon, my eye, and my camera will get along just fine. <3

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